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V-ROD Fiberglass REBAR V•ROD composite rebars have been manufactured by Pultrall since 1987. Distributed worldwide, this product is a true revolution in the construction industry. When it comes to saving time and money, V•ROD is the solution.
V•ROD is a registered trademark of Pultrall.

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Stay-form Metal Rib – Stay-In-Place Concrete Form

Structures around the world have foundations and other design elements that require concrete. Stay-form Metal Rib is the most cost-effective solution for forming bulkheads, tunnels or any below-grade structure. Stay form is easy-to-cut when forming construction joints, key-ways and curved shapes, saving valuable time. StayForm eliminates the need for traditional concrete forms that have to be removed, cleaned and transported. Using Stay-Form Metal Rib can result in up to a 35 percent savings in labor. We have inventory of this product in Edison, NJ. Call us today. We deliver to your job-site!!


This leave-in-place sheet is typically used to form footings, bulkheads, grade beams, pile caps and blindside walls. The expanded metal sheets are easy to cut, lap, splice, bend and pierce, minimizing related forming costs. When concrete is placed, the ribs and mesh are embedded in the structure, providing a rough surface for subsequent concrete placement.


Metal Rib Forming – Form in use – after concrete

Leave in place forming – Metal Rib Data Sheet


When a contractor has to form a concrete wall within a few inches of an existing structure, Stay-Form is an excellent product. By utilizing Stay-Form with rebar studs, hook ties, and a modular form system, a one sided form can be accomplished. If you do not have the luxury or room to strip form work, Stay-Form is the right product for the job.
• The V ribs run perpendicular to the vertical rebar studs which gives the Stay-Form the
rigidity to withstand the concrete pressures
• Stayform Metal Rib can be slit with tin snips or grinder to accommodate the rebar hook tie.
• Stay-Form is commonly used for concrete pour rates of 4 to 7 feet per hour.


Stay-Form is an excellent product for forming bulkheads because it does not have to be stripped out after the concrete pour. (Plywood and modular forms have to be stripped.) There is also no scrabbling required in order to prepare the surface for the next pour.
• Rebar or metal fabricated bracings are left in the pour – no stripping required
• The sheets are lightweight and can easily be bent to form a key-way.
• Stay-Form can be cut in order to accommodate any rebar or conduit penetrations.
• Visual inspection of the concrete consolidation is also accomplished due to the open herring bone mesh.
• Stay-Form provides greater shear bond strengths due to the open mesh and the V ribs
(or “mini-key-ways”).


■ Reduces labor and material costs compared to traditional forming methods for wall joints and “buried” applications.
■ Saves cycle time because the sheet remains in place, only supports and bracing are removed, and form stripping is eliminated.
■ Allows concrete placement to be visually monitored, reducing the risk of voids and “honeycombing.”
■ Simplifies form joints and piercings sore bar operations can continue, or be revised, with minimal obstructions.
■ Provides a quick-to-install joint option in the event of schedule change, ready-mix interruption or other unanticipated problem.
■ Utilizes the existing rebar in structures, like grade beams and pier caps, to eliminate placing and removing temporary supports.
■ Eliminates the cost associated with handling, setting, stripping and cleaning conventional form work.


Stay-Form® is made from hot-dipped galvanized sheet steel per ASTM-A653
Stay-Form® #66 – 26 Gauge V-Ribs 3/4” deep and 3 7/8” on center.
Sheet size 27” wide x 97” long* (18 sq. ft. per sheet)
Pallet 250 sheets per pallet (4,500 sq. ft.)
Weight 11.9 lbs. per sheet


Stay-form Metal Rib Advantages over wood or modular forms:

  1. Forms Easily: Stay-Form easily forms into multiple configurations to accommodate curves, angles and unusual shapes. To make corner bends, ribs are notched to a 90-degree angle by making two 45-degree cuts, leaving the mesh between the ribs intact. By bending the remaining mesh to the desired angle or radius, a perfectly formed corner or shape is created. Tie wire is utilized to hold the corner shape at the appropriate angle. Curves form easily in a direction parallel to the ribs. A full circle tube can be formed with Stay-Form. Such a wide variety of form shapes are possible that it is impossible to describe all the flexibility this product offers. Many more shapes are attainable using Stay-Form than by using other materials such as wood, steel or plastic. Multiple sections of Stay-Form can be joined end to end with a 3-inch to 4-inch lap. End laps should always be braced with a support. To accomplish a side lap, overlap one or two ribs.

  2. Supporting Stay-form is Easy: Utilizing the load tables, the contractor can easily plan for support spacing using readily available materials. This table also provides information on pour rates and pressures at various spacings.

  3. Excellent Support for Both Concrete and Soil: In this application, Stay-Form’s greatest attribute is its ability to support both the soil before the pour and the concrete during the pour. This allows the contractor to back-fill the forms prior to the concrete pour if desired, but this step is not required.

  4. Cuts to Size Easily: Stayform is packaged in five sheet bundles that are wire tied together. Single or multiple lengths or pieces can be cut utilizing a circular saw with an abrasive metal cutting blade. Tin snips or metal shears are used to notch small areas or ribs. Stay-Form is manufactured from high strength steel and can be formed into a variety of shapes performing well in tight curves and bends.

  5. Easily Penetrated: Stay-Form can easily be snipped (sheared) or punched to accommodate penetrations such as rebar, conduit, pipes, or dowels. Often a sharpened length of rebar is employed for this procedure.

  6. No Stripping Required: Stay-Form is a stay-in-place concrete form that requires no stripping. This means that you can leave the pry bar in the truck. Nothing is more labor intensive than prying plywood out of tight corners after a concrete pour. Stay-Form provides not only a labor savings in stripping cost, but also saves time and money that would be spent cleaning, oiling, moving and storing the plywood forms. The cost of form release agents is also saved.

  7. Concrete Placement and Consolidation is Aided by Stay-Form: Stay-Form stays-in-place and is never stripped, allowing the contractor to pour concrete today and move on to other concrete operations tomorrow. Since visual inspection of the pour is possible with Stay-Form, the contractor can feel a greater degree of confidence that no voids exist in the pour, avoiding over vibration. With typical forms, voids are not visible till the forms are stripped. At this point correction is difficult and costly.

  8. Less Excavation is required: Stay-Form does not require stripping, therefore the amount of excavation and subsequent back filling required is greatly reduced. This saves excavation cost. Stay-Form allows air to reach the back of the concrete sooner and promotes faster set up and curing, allowing back filling to take place sooner. This saves time and reduces equipment rental costs.

  9. Saves Time and Money: All of the above adds up to a savings of time and labor, which translates into financial savings on every project. The old adage rings true, “Time is money”.

Gamka Sales is a stocking dealer of Stay-form Metal Rib. We believe it is an excellent economical product that many contractors use for concrete forming. Call us today for a delivery at 732-248-1400 or pick it up in our Edison, NJ warehouse.